Earn TBAI Tokens with TokenBuilder's Zealy Points Campaign!

Earn TBAI Tokens with TokenBuilder's Zealy Points Campaign!

Engage, Earn, and Excel

The heart of the Zealy points campaign is simple: engage in promotional tasks and earn points that will translate to TBAI tokens. Every social media interaction and website visit carries weight, adding to a point tally that determines your share of the 30,000 TBAI tokens up for grabs. This campaign is a celebration of proactive engagement where your efforts directly impact your rewards.

The First Task: Discovering TokenBuilder's Innovations

Your journey begins with a visit to TokenBuilder's website—showcasing the user-friendly products and visionary concepts that TokenBuilder will build. This initial task is designed to acquaint you with the transformative potential of your upcoming investment and the broader impact of TokenBuilder's initiatives.

Winning with TBAI: A Tiered Reward Structure

Success in the Zealy campaign is measured by a tiered reward structure. Your accumulated points place you within specific groups, each with a designated number of TBAI tokens to be won. From the top scorer to the active participant, the campaign ensures that every effort is acknowledged and rewarded.

Mutual Benefits

As participants rack up points and climb the ranks, they don't just work towards earning tokens—they contribute to TokenBuilder's visibility and market presence. In turn, these marketing efforts by community members don't just generate exposure; they're compensated with tangible rewards that have real-world value.

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