TokenBuilder x TokenOps

TokenBuilder x TokenOps

We are proud to announce that TokenBuilder has partnered with TokenOps. TokenOps allows web3 startups and investors to create, manage, and track token vesting schedules and unlocks on-chain.

TokenBuilder x TokenOps

For Builders

TokenOps enables projects to track and visualize vesting smart contracts, allowing for detailed monitoring of each wallet's vesting schedules, claims, and periods. After launch, TokenOps helps maintain oversight of token ownership changes, including who holds, stakes, or purchases more tokens. It also provides real-time alerts for sales, transfers, or other uses of tokens. By automating distribution on-chain, TokenOps allows projects to implement vesting with any wallet, multisig, or custodian, offering a secure, non-custodial solution that has already been security audited.

To this day projects struggle to monitor and follow what happens with their tokens post launch. TokenOps tackles this issue head-on with a suite of intuitive and practical instruments. As a result of this partnership, builders planning to issue a token on TokenBuilder will be able to have full visibility on user behavior on-chain throughout the entire token lifecycle. Having access to such information will enable projects to start and stop vesting streams as needed, thereby offering an easy claiming interface for their investors, employees, and community.

For Investors

Additionally, TokenOps offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize portfolio management for investors. It automates operations, allowing users to manage and track their portfolios of future and vesting tokens. Investors can import any vesting smart contract and token stream and claim vested tokens from a centralized location, equipped with a timely alert system. The platform enhances investment strategies by providing detailed analytics and insights, including portfolio allocations by blockchain, sector, and vintage. TokenOps also prioritizes reporting and compliance, enabling the creation of periodic reports and seamless data exports.

This makes TokenOps an essential tool for projects on TokenBuilder seeking to maximize their returns and efficiency while staying compliant and secure. With MiCA looming, projects operating in Europe will have to be extra careful to ensure ongoing compliance, thereby entailing that they’ll have to keep their ducks in a row on a continuous basis. TokenOps will help them with this endeavor by readily generating periodic reports and presenting data as needed to ensure audit readiness. Finally, prioritizing security, TokenOps ensures data privacy and protection with best-in-class measures for all builders on TokenBuilder.

"We are thrilled to partner with TokenBuilder to enhance the transparency and management of token lifecycles.

At TokenOps, we are well aware of the struggles that projects face to issue and launch tokens.

We believe that our tools for monitoring and managing token distribution can be life-changing for projects, from inception to maturity.

This partnership with TokenBuilder will empower builders and investors with even more tooling, proving our commitment to providing secure, intuitive, and compliance-ready solutions for the web3 ecosystem.”

  • Fabio Mancini, Co-Founder at TokenOps.

“Web3 projects often struggle with limited visibility into the full lifecycle of their tokens, lacking insight into holder behavior after purchase.

The partnership between TokenBuilder and TokenOps addresses this issue by integrating TokenOps into the TokenBuilder platform, enhancing token management and support beyond the initial launch.”

  • Ransu Salovaara, CEO & Founder at TokenBuilder.

About TokenBuilder

TokenBuilder.AI is an AI-powered platform that simplifies the creation, issuance, and management of utility tokens, real-world assets, and meme coins. It offers a no-code solution, incorporating the best practices from our years of experience, and supports all major EVM-compatible networks and other networks such as Solana.

About TokenOps

TokenOps brings simplicity and transparency to token lifecycle management. Not only vesting: from legal set-up to accounting and market making.

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