TokenBuilder x DcentraLab

TokenBuilder x DcentraLab

We are proud to announce that TokenBuilder has partnered with Dcentralab. Dcentralab boasts a wide range of on-chain products, which aim to accelerate blockchain mass adoption, create value, improve transparency, and lead the decentralized revolution. More specifically, as part of this fruitful partnership TokenBuilder will leverage Dcentralab’s ChainPort and Dcentralab Diligence.

TokenBuilder x Chainport

ChainPort is the first next-gen hard-security blockchain bridge that offers full interoperability with maximum security. With ChainPort, users can bridge tokens across leading blockchains safely & easily with just one click. With ChainPort, you can easily port tokens across 20+ blockchains within minutes.

TokenBuilder will leverage Chainport to offer its clients a robust infrastructure for cross-chain token transfers. Through Chainport, TokenBuilder's users can securely move their tokens across various EVM blockchain networks, ensuring high-level security.

We chose ChainPort amongst the many bridges available on the market due to their emphasis on security. In fact, it is the first security-focused bridge that stores up to 98% of all tokens in cold storage wallets at all times. ChainPort also stood out for its ease of use. TokenBuilder is for everybody and we aim to onboard partners who also share this value. 

TokenBuilder x Dcentralab Diligence

DcentraLab Diligence is a boutique blockchain cybersecurity firm providing audits and consultations for Web3 projects. DcentraLab Diligence's team stands out with a unique mix of active builders in the Web3 space and cyber security experts.

Dcentralab Diligence will be the first auditor for TokenBuilder’s smart contracts. We will work together with them to ensure that all no-code smart contracts in our platform are safe and secure to use. As part of this partnership, TokenBuilder users will also be able to enjoy the following: extensive analytics reports; expert security reviews; access to multiple audit teams; receive security certifications after every successful audit; and a personalized page on Decentralab Diligence’s website after an audit.

Also for TB Builders, we will provide discounts on smart contract auditing services as Dcentralab Diligence will be part of our Partners Hub.

About TokenBuilder

TokenBuilder.AI is an AI-powered platform that simplifies the creation, issuance, and management of utility tokens, real-world assets, and meme coins. It offers a no-code solution, incorporating the best practices from our years of experience, and supports all major EVM-compatible networks and other networks such as Solana.

About Dcentralab

DcentraLab develops on-chain products to accelerate blockchain mass adoption, create value, improve transparency, and lead the decentralized revolution.

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